Living Life Thankful

Living Life Thankful

Monday, 6 January 2014

My Search is Over

My search is over. After three years of looking, I am rejoicing in that I have found what I was looking for. I can relax; knowing that there will be no more dithering, eyeing up and debating over my choice.  I’ve had my fill of; not quite right, too tall, too short, too narrow, too wide, and too artificial or just don’t have the yum factor. Yes, I am admitting to you all that I will stop shopping around as I now have the perfect pair...of boots. I said, 'BOOTS.'

It may sound ridiculous but it had become as hard to find this elusive footwear as it is to find the perfect pair of jeans. I have been scouring the shops for the last few winters, in vain until now. My daughter and I braved the sales three days after Christmas, we weren’t so desperate as to venture out prior to that; only madmen and crazy people hit the shops on the 26th and 27th December. By the third day after Christmas, these wild, sale obsessed scavengers are thinner on the ground and one is less likely to be sucked into the frenzy of ‘tat buying’ because the merchandise has already been swarmed over and is depleted in volume.  (Admission of slight guilt though as I found I could not leave the sales without purchasing at least one set of colourfully lidded plastic pots.  Although, in my defence, my current stock seems to have vanished in true ‘laundry odd sock’ fashion so it will most certainly be used.) 

Why has it been so difficult to buy a fabulous pair of boots? Well, I must admit that the list of criteria was rather lengthy. They had to be leather, brown, have a slight heel, be comfortable, not be too cowboyish, (so not me, sorry country fans) be knee high, (Being only five foot two inches tall most knee high boots reach to my thigh and make me look like...well you know who we all picture when we say someone wore boots that came to their mid-thigh.), neither could they be too wide (Puss in Boots look is not what I'm going for.)  or narrow, as I wanted to be able to wear with skinny jeans tucked in. (I use the term ‘skinny’ loosely.)  This long list did not even include the b word...budget! Are you beginning to understand why it has taken me so long to track down the perfect, well perfect to me, pair? 

As I slipped on the final pair of boots, it was like coming home. They were perfect in every department. I’m absolutely over the moon with my lovely brown, leather, just the right height, width, heeled and importantly priced boots! Oh my word, STOP THE PRESS, I’ve just had a thought. What if it takes me as long if not longer to find the perfect, well perfect to me, man?  Time to boot up.  

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