Living Life Thankful

Living Life Thankful

Monday, 21 January 2013

Thankfully, he was not my type

We all have challenging days and I guess I knew it had been one of those days for me when at the end of my child’s appointment, the nurse said, ‘I hope you’ve got a bottle of wine chilling in your fridge at home.’ I smiled sweetly but felt like telling her that she had added to my stressful day by misdiagnosing my child only 24 hours previously! I also mentally questioned her competence at suggesting the drinking of wine on school nights to  clearly fraught , single mothers.
The day was going quite well until 3pm when I headed off to pick the children up from school. I decided to stop by the store to pick up a few groceries on the way. It was at that point that I realised something was wrong with my car. It had been rather sluggish and now there was a burning smell.  I called the Auto helpline. Isn’t it typical that on the one day that I had to call out the AA, it turned out to be the only day in the week that I’d allowed my hair to ‘dry naturally’ – leaving it resembling  Susan Boyle’s pre-fame barnet! Thankfully the AA man turned up within the hour and even more of a blessing was that he wasn’t my type! Needless to say, it’s going to be some time before I leave the house with my hair ‘au naturel’ again. After all, a single girl must be prepared in case of running into a future potential suitor. (And I wonder why I am single when I am using words like suitor!)

Once I’d got over my initial horror at being caught with wild hair, I then focused on the cost of the car repairs. Isn’t it always the way that one large bill seems to have a snowball effect? Within a couple of hours, I’d had several phone calls all sending my finances swirling further down the drain.  The law firm would be unable to complete on the remortgage of my house and title deeds without more funds, child maintenance payments which I was expecting would not be materialising and there was yet a further delay with the agency who have promised to get me back into work. Grrrr!

Once my car had been made temporarily road worthy, I found myself back  on the road and heading to the Doctor’s surgery for the second time in 24 hours because my child was crying with ear pain. Poor thing! (Her not me.)  What a blessing that I wasn’t back at work yet and was free to stay home with her for a couple of days while the antibiotics did their work on her double ear infection. I also had to smile to myself that despite my ‘shaggy dog’ hair style and having had a rather rough day, I wasn’t quite as bad as another woman who came into the pharmacy. She had mismatched shoes on; one navy blue heel and one black pump! I smirked but said nothing and comforted myself with the thought that there are women out there who are in greater disarray than me. See, every situation has a silver lining if you have the good humour to look for one.

So, in the whole scheme of things, I realised that my challenges are very minor compared to those of many. My family is fed, clothed and sheltered.  We have our moments but we have each other.  My dealings with the law firm of the past sixteen months have come to an end, I am on the brink of returning to work and I have a whole eleven months and 10 days left of this new year in which to move forward.
Now excuse me while I go straighten my hair; we seem to have a leaky tap and I may have to call a plumber!

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